Play All Aces Video Poker Online

Jackpots are what many casino gamblers live to play for, but so few ever hit them. For example, the odds of winning Rs. 10 crore in PlayWin’s Super Lotto are astronomical. This is why many Indian gamblers still buy lotto tickets, play the occasional jackpot slots online, but then turn to video poker as an exciting pass time. Whilst on occasion you can go weeks or even many months without hitting a Royal Flush, when you do hit one it is generally time to call it quits, cash out some money, and go celebrate. If you’ve never experienced that, strongly consider giving video poker a try.

Video Poker is a Skill Game

What you need to understand is video poker is a game of skill. When played correctly it carries one of the lowest house margins in the casino. When played poorly it becomes a sucker game similar to double zero roulette. If you’re not willing to learn strategy, video poker will be nothing more than an expensive habit; so in that case you’d be better off sticking to online slots. Assuming you’re willing to learn, the first thing you need to know is which video poker machine is best. This is because different forms of video poker have different odds. For example, in most casinos Jacks or Better has better odds than Joker Poker and Deuces Wild. However you need to make sure the casino pays fair. The standard Jack or Better payouts are as follows:

Royal Flush: 800
Straight Flush: 50
Four of a Kind: 25
Full House: 9
Flush: 6
Straight: 4
Two Pair: 2
Pair JJ-AA: 1

When played perfect the house only has an advantage of 0.46%. Today many casinos, not comfortable giving players such great odds, have changed the payouts, making it harder to win and harder to find full pay video poker machines.

Expert Tip: When playing video poker to get the best odds you need to play the maximum coins. Most every video poker machine out there offers players better odds on one bet or another (generally the Royal Flush) when playing the maximum number of coins.

Best Video Poker Online offers a nice selection of video poker games, 10 in total. Our favorite is Jacks or Better where payouts are reduced on frequent winning hands in order to provide a larger payout for four of a kind and bettor. The payout chart for this game is listed below.

All Aces Video Poker StrategyRoyal Flush: 800
Straight Flush: 60
Four Aces: 400
Four of a Kind 2-4: 100
Four of a Kind 5-K: 50
Full House: 7
Flush: 5
Straight: 4
Three of a Kind: 3
Two Pairs: 1
Jacks or Better: 1

When played correctly, this game has a 99.92% payback making it one of the highest paying video poker machines ever offered online. Again you can find this machine at

Again you’ll need to learn how to play correctly to get these odds. Well the good news is the chart we’ve included on the right provides you with a simplified strategy that will get any beginner stated. There are a few additional strategies as well, but to keep things simple we condensed the chart so you can learn speed before learning the confusing intricacies. Using this strategy you’ll be getting very close to the highest payout possible on All Aces Video Poker.

How Our Chart Works

When faced with a decision, find the move that appears highest on the chart; that’s the play to go with. For example, if your hand is 89TTJ you now need to decide do you go for the straight or do you keep TT and hope to improve to trips or better? Looking at our chart Four to a Straight (OE) appears higher on our list than Pair 2 to 10; here we go for the straight. Always go with the move appearing highest on the chart.

Terms Used On Chart

OE – Stands for open ended. This is 4 cards in consecutive order, for example 4567 or 89TJ. When it is open ended there are two ways you can make a straight when drawing one card.

GS – Stands for gut shot. This is when one card is missing for example 4578, here only a six will give you a straight. When a straight can be made, but it is not open ended, this is called a gut shot straight draw.

An Exception for 2 Pairs

Be careful of two pairs when one of them is Jacks, Kings, Queens or Aces. In this situation you want to treat the hand as one pair, keeping only the highest pair. Two pair and one pair pay the same, and there is a better chance of improving when drawing three cards.

In time you can work on strategy to improve at Video Poker. Perhaps six months into using our simple strategy you’ll want to refer to a more advanced video poker guide. For now your best move is to get started at and look for the All Aces video poker machine.

Why All Aces Video Poker

The low house advantage this game provides gives you a chance to play much longer thus increasing the chance you’ll eventually hit a Royal Flush. To our knowledge All Aces is the second highest paying video poker machine offered online. The other can be found at in their Zero Lounge Casino. This game is Jacks or Better and has a 100% payout. The variance however is larger. Considering All Aces pays back 99.92%, very few players will play accurately enough to notice the difference between the two machines.

Once again if strategy isn’t your thing we strong suggest sticking to video slots; you can play these in rupee at If you do decide to play video poker online, we at Casino Online wish you the best of luck.