Online Casinos Accepting PayPal for Deposits and Cash Outs

PayPal IndiaOn Indian gaming forums a question often asked is “which casinos can I deposit or withdrawal using PayPal?”. For the most part though, PayPal is not a good option for gambling deposits and withdrawals. To show this let’s take a look at the banking options of popular India friendly online casinos.

NOTE: We highly recommend Neteller for depositing from India. It works similar to PayPal where it is essentially an online wallet. Once you create an account, depositing and withdrawing are fast and easy.


William Hill for Indians

Again the case is the same at William Hill, the best deposit options are Neteller and Skrill. Whilst this company accepts PayPal deposits, on their website it says: “PayPal is available to members in the following countries: Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK.” It is clear Indians cannot deposit at William Hill using PayPal.

Other Casinos for Indians

I won’t go through and list all the good India friendly casinos, because the line is similar with most of them… PayPal is not accepted. This is due to a PayPal policy; their company is only willing to process gambling transactions from countries where gambling is explicitly legal. They tend to avoid countries like India where the laws are not clear and grey areas exists.

How to Deposit at Betfair

Some Indians have reported success using PayPal at Betfair. All of these cases however involved deposits made using funds already stored in a PayPal account. Near certainly you won’t be able to deposit with PayPal if you try doing an instant transfer or credit card payment. As sad as this is… whilst PayPal is a great service worldwide for non-gambling transactions, they do not provide significant value to Indians looking to gambling online. We strong suggest opening a account.

In case you’ve come here looking for information about PayPal as a company, here is an article Luna Raja contributed to our website.

What is PayPal
By Luna Rajar

PayPal was originally founded by Max Levchin and Peter Thiel in 1999 under the name Confinity”. At that time the vision was to create a banking and payment solution in all world currencies that had no boarders and would be out of the hands of Government control. However, it didn’t take long for the company to fall victim to hackers and other criminals whom used the service for money laundering and fraud. Government officials entered into the picture due to the rash of illegal activities taking place and fined the company. Some states even banned the company from operating within their states boarders’ altogether. However, PayPal now has licenses allowing them to once again operate in those regions.

In the beginning PayPal offered cash incentives in order to persuade more members to join. The company’s market share continued to flourish at an impressive rate. In fact, it wasn’t long at all before PayPal became the default payment service on the Internet. Because so many service providers and subscription sites started using PayPal exclusively, merchants took advantage and began accepting PayPal payments as well. Where PayPal really caught on was with eBay members. Everyone needed a payment method to buy and sell things online via auction and PayPal was so much better than sending a money order. eBay was one of the largest contributors when it comes to the success of PayPal and eventually purchased them and phased out their own in-house payment system.

Today, most online merchants will have the PayPal icon on their site where members can make their payments through. PayPal allows users to choose between a personal account and a business account, allowing members to choose the type which meets their demands. Although factual numbers about “active accounts” cannot be found, PayPal itself claims to have more than 100 million users today. If you’re sending money for any activity which is legal, no doubt is a top choice.