Online Craps Gambling for India Residents

Many Indians have never experienced the excitement a craps table provides. When I went to Goa in 2009, there was only one table going aboard Casino Royale and with just two people the excitement wasn’t there. Indians as well as videshi readers who have visited Las Vegas know the excitement the game provides when there is the ability to handle chips, cradle dice and work on throwing motion in hopes of making a big score. Whilst the experience isn’t quite the same online, make no mistake… the 2-D version offers opportunities to win real cash. In fact, tossing a bonus offer into the mix there is a nice advantage to playing online.

Royal Panda is Best for Indians

The only casino friendly to Indians that also offers a great deposit bonus is Royal Panda. The good news here is players can play and deposit in rupee as well. For more details see our Royal Panda Casino Review. Let us quickly cover strategy.

Benefits to Playing Craps Online

In addition to bonus offers, another benefit to playing craps online is quicker play. Although it may be the fastest table game in a bricks-and-mortar casino, craps offers only about 102 rolls per hour at a nearly full table. With just five players participating, the pace increases to about 144 rolls per hour. But compare that to playing online, where just one player controls all the action; the potential speed of the game jumps to 249 rolls per hour or more.

Apart from getting more play out of less time, there is the added convenience of always being the shooter. An online craps player can pause for breaks at will. With 24/7 access from any computer, there is never any waiting for a place at the table, and a Neteller account can be used instead of cash to purchase chips.

Where to Play Craps Online

Assuming one is convinced that playing craps online is at least worth trying, the question becomes where to play. Just as in the “real world,” Internet casinos have house rules that spell out what bets are accepted, what odds are offered and how payouts are made. Spending a little time seeking out the venue with the most favorable conditions for play can certainly be worth the effort, starting with a look at the house edge.

Finding Best Free Odds

All craps players know that Free Odds are a huge factor in determining the house edge. The combined house edge on the Pass Line and taking odds varies from 0.848% at 1X odds to 0.606% at 2X odds and 0.471% at 3X odds. When even higher odds are available, the advantage to the house almost disappears, such as 0.184% at 10X and just 0.021% at 100X odds. It stands to reason that the greater the Free Odds offered, the more opportunity there is for the craps player to win.

A survey of five major online casinos with craps options indicated that the Free Odds available varied according to the software supplier. Betfair all run craps applications designed by Playtech with the maximum Free Odds offered set at 3X. Similarly, Betway uses Microgaming software, which also provides 3X odds. On the other hand, Cryptologic, which supplies software to 888 Casino, allows only 2X odds.

It is rare to find online casinos with Free Odds of 5X or higher. They do exist, but players should be aware that they may operate with proprietary software rather than industry standards. Playing at such sites could pose risks unrelated to odds, so it is best to stay with those gaming web sites that have proven themselves reliable over time.

Good Looking Craps Casinos

Another approach to choosing an online craps table is by using subjective criteria, such as how familiar or user friendly the method of play is or how good the graphics look and audio sounds. Appearances can be deceiving, of course. The ultimate test of a table is whether or not it pays, and in that regard promotions can play a big role.

Optimal Craps Strategy

There isn’t much strategy involved with craps. All you need to do is pick one of the low house edge bets, wager it, roll, and then see if you win. Online however many of the bets on the table are sucker bets. For example the Field only pays 2:1 on both the 2 and 12, which gives the house a 5.56% advantage. For that reason you’ll want to stick to betting your choice of Don’t Pass, Don’t Come, Pass or Come. You’ll also want to take maximum Free Odds on each. At Royal Panda before the bonus is factored in the house advantages are 0.45% on Don’t Pass and Don’t Come, and 0.47% on Pass and Come when taking the maximum Free Odds offered. When factoring in the bonuses the house advantage is considerably less.

To get started gambling online visit Royal Panda. If you don’t already an e-wallet account, open one at or This will allow you to easily make payments and get paid winnings, too and from your local Indian bank account. We at Casino Online wish you the best of luck.

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Arjun Dash. He’s travelled much of Asia introducing new mobile communication devices. During his travels he’s played in many casinos and also has much experience gambling online from India. As a contributor to our website he’s helped many Indians used to games like Passa and Flush learn strategy for European casino games.