Online Sports Betting in India

Online betting is thriving in India but it is not commonly talked about because many consider it to be taboo among Indian culture.

How Online Betting Works in India

There are laws that forbid Indian states to take handle online bets from Indians. Therefore, as mentioned above there are international companies that are licensed and operate out of the United Kingdom that accept bets. These online betting sites can not market to India through Television and other means because they do not have a license to do so, thus many concerns among India’s citizens on whether it is illegal or not.

Best Sports Betting Sites For India

Depositing into Cashier
Ok, so let’s say you want to make a bet. You would first locate a sports betting site for India, such as those we’ve suggested above. You can usually deposit with a credit card no problems. It is difficult to deposit with a debit card. If you do not have a credit card we recommend opening up Neteller account to deposit. For more on deposit and withdrawing please see our page about depositing in India.

The most bet on sports in India are by far cricket and football. During the year 100’s of Crore Rupees are bet in India, mostly on these sports but the good thing is you can pretty much bet on anything you want including sports from around the world. Live betting and mobile phone betting has become really popular also.

Withdrawing From Cashier
After you win bets you can either keep the money in your cashier for the next bets or withdraw your rupees. To do so you can withdraw using Neteller, and then from there you simply withdraw back to your bank or get a check. It is important that if you deposit in Rupees that you withdraw in Rupees because of Indian exchange laws. Other than that, the whole getting funds and sports betting is relatively simple.

Future of Sports Betting for India

As your host, of CasinoOnline, I’ve been watching laws in India for many years now. I firmly believe there will be an online sports betting firm within India in the near future (I am writing this in the year 2011). Many powerful people including the ICC (International Cricket Council) and the United Kingdom want everything to be transparent with online betting to keep out any illegal match fixing. A formal law about sportbetting will give more awareness to those us in India and give us more options to bet at, even though I personally like the ones that are open right now but it would be nice to know all betting money is staying in India to help our beautiful country!

To visit betway you can do so here, or view our review of Betway India. This is your host Raj, I wish you the best and hope this article helps you understand online bookmakers for India.