Katti Casino Game in Goa (Andar Bahar)

These days it seems casinos in Goa will do anything to get visitors. One of the newest games offered,  Katti will be immediately recognized to Indians as Andar Bahar. In case you’re not familiar with this game, it is extremely easy to learn and no strategy is required. This is a card game where the odds are 50/50, similar to flipping a coin and calling heads or tails. Whilst the game is often innocently played between friends, it does also have a long association with cons, cheats and organized crime.

Banglore Version of Katti Called Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar in IndiaIn Bangalore, you can spot an Andar Bahar game around allies, bus stops, outside bars etc. There’s a man squatting down with a deck of cards and people standing around to bet. The odds are generally 50/50, though other versions of the game exist. How it works: the dealer offers a cut. You then bet on that card will be dealt on the inside or the outside. He then deals the cards one a time alternating between two spots; one spot called inside, the other spot called outside. He keeps dealing until the card that was originally cut appears. If it appears on the outside those who bet that spot win and the others lose; same is true if it appear on the inside (inside bettors win / outside bettors lose).

Whilst the game might sound simple, many of the games offered in Bangalore are rigged. There are many ways this occurs. A novice cheat might have enough skill to move the cut card to the bottom for later use. A seasoned cheat can often position the cut card in such a way he knows which spot it will be dealt. On top of rigged games you also need to pay attention to sucker odds. If they can get away with it, many dealers will charge Rs. 120 or even Rs. 140 for the opportunity to win Rs.100. This game is illegal, but with big cuts going to the mafia you’ll find it offered frequent enough. It is also a game the wealthy are secretly allowed to play in many 5* prisons. Or better yet, when a hustler is locked up… he might just find himself dealing in a private rigged game ran by the prison guards. India is not a highly corrupt country, but when it comes to gambling in many ways it is.

Katti the Safe Legal Version

The silly thing here though is this game is merely heads or tails. It’s fun, and when fair and played for reasonable stake, it is a great way to gamble. Although 1.2 million tourists visit Goa each year, this game is certainly there for Indians. In Goa the game is fair though, and there are also additional betting opportunities that prove this.

Aboard Casino Royale, the game is played with a full deck. How it works is each player makes an ante bet. The cards are shuffled and one player is offered the cut. That same player then declares “inside” or “outside” which is the spot he is betting for that card. The other players bet against him. The unique twist is the table felt has a betting menu where players having already made an ante wager can also bet inside or outside on any other cards of their choice. This helps eliminate the idea the game is rigged because all players get a chance to cut, and they can also bet either way on all the remaining cards. Players who make a profit for the deal pay a house commission.

Where to Play Katti Online

To the best of my knowledge, Andar Bahar is not offered online under any name. If you’re a fan of this game you might consider Casino War as an alternative. In Casino War you bet against the dealer and if his card is higher you lose, if your card is higher you win. This game is offered at Royal Panda where players can deposit and withdrawal in rupee.