Skrill a Leading e-Wallet Friendly to Indians

Casino gamblers from India are often faced with the challenge that many online casinos do not deal in rupees. The best solution to overcome this is to open an account at This is a popular e-wallet used by 18.5 million people in more than 200 countries. How it works is you can load funds to your Skrill account using either your credit card, or bank account. Once the funds are in your account you can deposit them to an online casino such as If you’re fortunate enough to win, request a Skrill withdrawal. From there with a click of a button you can request that Skrill sends your funds to your Indian Bank account. In one week or less your winnings are now in your bank account free and clear to spend.

A question that is asked often is whether or not your bank will be skeptical of transactions coming from Skrill as banks prefer not to deal in gambling. This happens to be the beauty of this method. Skrill is one of the leading methods Indian companies use to accept payments from Europeans for services such as translations, website design, customer support, writing, consulting and other forms of freelance work performed in India. There are literally millions of Skrill account holders in India who are not involved at all in gambling, so there is no reason at all for your bank to be skeptical. With this covered lets now take a look at how to open and verify a account.

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Casinos Accepting Skrill

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Opening a Skrill Casino Account

Opening an account is a fairly simple process, just click the join now button at From here you’ll want to get your account fully verified right away. This is because your account never has full functionality until it is verified. Also if you don’t verify it right away at some point, generally sooner than later, their security department is going to require you to do this. The first verification process is simple; you just verify your email address. From there a little more work is required. I’ll cover that here in detail.

Verifying Home Address

One step in the Skrill opening an account process is to get your home address verified. The reason this is required is because Skrill is based in the European Union and their laws requires this step to help prevent against money laundering. Anyways, the process is fairly simple you click a button requesting address verification and a letter is mailed to your house. I live in a fairly remote area and had the letter in 8 days, in major cities it will come much faster. When the letter comes, you log back into your account and enter the 6-digit code that was included on the letter.

Credit Card Verification

This step can be done right away and is required to increase your spending limits. Register your card online and then they’ll bill a small amount to it under $2.00 US. You’ll get this money back, this is just for verification. Next check your credit card statement or online banking to see the exact amount billed. You then go enter this amount on the Skrill website and you’re verified and have a higher spending limit.

Ah, if it were only that simple. One of the biggest challenges here is Skrill bills the card in USD and on your bank statement you’ll most only likely see how much was charged in rupee. DO NOT GUESS! If you attempt to guess the amount using a currency conversion calculator, chances are you’ll get it wrong, and their system will lock you out for the next 24 hours. What you’ll need to do instead is talk to your bank or credit card company and find out the exact amount you were charged in dollars. Explain to them this is for verification purposes for an online payment system that a European company will be using to pay you. When your bank finally tells you the exact dollar amount charged you can now finally verify your card.

Bank Account Verification

The first step to doing this is adding your bank account in the profile section of their website. Perhaps the most challenging part for this is you’ll need to know your bank’s SWIFT code. It sounds easy enough, but most tellers in India don’t know their own branches SWIFT code, and might even tell you they have no SWIFT code period. If this happens, call the corporate office because every bank in India has a SWIFT code. Assuming you make it through this first hurdle you now have two ways to verify you account.

Option 1: Withdrawal funds from your Skrill account to your bank account. Once you get the payment check your bank statement. Included on your statement transaction ledger for this payment, there will be a 6 digit alphanumeric code that is followed with the words “VRF CODE”. Warning your bank statement might not provide this info and you could need to call you bank to get it.

Option 2: Wire some funds to Skrill from your account. Sadly this is an expensive option as many banks charge Rs. 1200 or more to send a wire OUCH! What you’ll want to do is stick to option #1.

Trouble Shooting: If your bank does not include the 6-digit code followed by VRF CODE and can not provide you with these details, what you’ll want to do is contact you bank and get a full print out of the SWIFT transaction, and scan it. Contact Skrill with a note that your bank charges over RS. 1200 for wire transfer, and when you tried to verify via the other option the 6-digit code did not show on your statement. Ask them if they’ll accept this SWIFT code print out scan and manually verify your bank account. Some follow up and persistence might be required.

In the end all these steps are well worth it. Once you’re verified you’ll be able to send and receive money in any currency to and from anywhere in the world any time you’d like. Skrill is one of the hardest e-wallets to get fully verified with but this is because they are well regulated in Europe. The good news is the funds you have in Skrill are as safe as having them in your own bank.

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What is Skrill 
By Omkar Yadav

Skrill is one of the major banking options for the online casino industry and online money transfers in general. Skrill made its appearance on the Internet in April of 2002. During the first year and a half of being online there were already more than 2,000,000 people registered on the site. Today Skrill has grown to have more than 18,500,000 members and it operates in 200 different countries.

Skrill was actually the first emoney issuer that was able to obtain an electric money license which was provided by the FSA. Skrill is rebranding itself as Skrill and promises that this is going to lead to changes which will allow members to take care of their money transferring needs without revealing any of their personal or financial details to any of the members they have financial dealings with.

The Skrill group has its headquarters located in London, UK. The group is regulated by the UK FSA, as well as US state regulators. Members are offered such benefits as anonymity, excellent security, competitive fees, and a website which supports many languages. Also, businesses are offered more than 100 payment options and this convenience and the many benefits account for this company becoming one of the leaders in the industry.