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There are many places for Indians to play roulette online. Our favorite is as they allow us to play in Indian Rupee (INR). This saves currency conversion fees charged by other online casinos. Indians can load funds from their bank account to an e-wallet, and then deposit them at an online casino.

When it comes time to cash out you can request a withdrawal back to your e-wallet account and then onwards to your bank account; this all covered on our how to deposit page. Whilst out of convenience Royal Panda is our favorite, there are other places to play roulette online that Indians might want to consider.

Where to Play Online Roulette

Royal Panda Casino India
Betway rupeesCasino in India
You can expect a solid game offering from Royal Panda when it comes to online roulette. They offer 9 varieties of roulette including a 3D version, French, European, Multi-wheel, American Roulette and Live Roulette.

Royal Panda Roulette Games

3D Roulette at Betway

Royal Panda offers about a dozen versions of roulette. Quite a few of them have the same rules and odds. For example their European Roulette, French Roulette, Premium European Roulette and Premium European Roulette are all the exact same game.

The only difference between European and French is the wheel layout,
and the difference brought by the word premium is a fancier betting interface with additional displays.

At their Premium Roulette tables there are meters that show how much of the wheel is covered, a button to double the size of all bets, and unique layouts for street, track and neighbor betting.

There are two additional versions of this same European Roulette game, the first Roulette Pro which has a simpler betting interface, the second 3D Roulette which has visually stunning graphics that use the latest in 3D rendering technology. As you can count, that’s six different tables all offering the same 2.7% house advantage European Roulette.

Avoid These Roulette Games

The next roulette games to cover are Mini Roulette, American Roulette and Premium American Roulette. These are sucker games, the mini roulette has 12 numbers and one zero resulting in a 7.69% house advantage, where American Roulette is the same as European Roulette with just another zero added.

That added zero increases the house advantage to 2/38=5.26%. A rule to live by: when playing Roulette online, always first look for French Roulette; when not available next look for the European version.

Live Dealer

Royal Panda also offers games with live dealers including ones broadcast in Playtech’s original Asian dealer studios, and others broadcast from the much improved European dealer studios in Riga, Latvia. These games use the latest in webcam rendering technologies to broadcast the games with an actual human dealer spinning a physical roulette wheel.

To check these out download the casino software from

Best Roulette Odds – With a Catch

To find the best roulette games online head to where a roulette game is offered that has no zero. In this game the house advantage is 0.00%; that’s no house advantage at all, period. However, there is a catch:

The minimum bet is £5 and the maximum bet is £10.00 so it is not possible to use any sort of Martingale or progressive system here. With no house advantage we could make a killing if it wasn’t for the double the minimum size maximum bet. We found that the betting limits took a lot of the excitement out of the game.

We have also found that it is very difficult to deposit with Betfair. They claim to accept Indian players, but we haven’t had any luck with deposits.

Our Favourite Roulette Game

No doubt Royal Panda is our favorite casino, because they allow us to play, deposit and withdrawal in rupees. Also no doubt Betfair offers the best roulette game online because there is no house edge.

However, neither of these casinos offer our favorite Roulette game. Our favorite roulette game is at where true French Roulette is offered. By this we mean a roulette wheel with a single zero that uses the La Partage rule.

This is a rule that states when players are betting odds, even, high, low, red, or black when the single zero is spun only half their bet is lost. This cuts the house advantage on these 50/50 bets down to 1.35%.

How to Beat Roulette

How to Beat Roulette

Albert Einstein is often quoted as saying “No one can possibly win at Roulette unless he steals money from the table while the croupier isn’t looking.” Chances are pretty great he never actually said those words or even commented publicly on the game of roulette.

As a physicist and one of the most brilliant men to ever live he would’ve never said something along the lines of “sure, so long as you know exact layout, wheel surface, exact spin, speed, velocity, all changes in variables such as movement in the room, temperature conditions and the like, we could easily calculate the exact number for each and every spin”.

Something tells me Albert Einstein would have really enjoyed roulette.

To be honest upfront, there are no roulette systems that can stand the test of time. At Betfair casino if you play long enough you’re bound to eventually break even, after all- the odds on their 50/50 bets are… 50/50.

At all other casinos if you play long enough you’ll eventually lose, and the longer you play, the larger your losses will accumulate. While we don’t have the math and variables to beat roulette using the same method Einstein might use, and no matter how hard we try we can’t change the expectation, what we can do is alter variance.

We have come up with a system where while not guaranteed, it does greatly improve your chances of beating the French Roulette game offered at Royal Panda. To do this you’ll need to deposit enough to get their maximum bonus and then use the information covered in the lower section of our Royal Panda Review.

We intentionally hid that tip we just shared near the bottom of this page. If you read the review we just linked to, again, while not guaranteed, there is a decent chance you might win.

Don’t blame us however if you lose, as again we’ve devised a system that changes variance but not the overall expectation. If you use it long enough you’ll eventually lose.

So what you want to do is get in and get out, and clear their full bonus in the process. With that we wish you the best of luck in your attempt to beat roulette.