Spin The Wheel

Spin The Wheel is Roulette with a twist. WooHoo Games, in partnership with 10Cric Casino, bring a uniquely re-designed popular table game to online casino gamers from India.

How to play Spin The Wheel on WooHoo Games

Forget the classic black and red; the developers have put a new spin on roulette, one of the most well liked table casino games. For starters, this simplified version features all the colours of the rainbow.

The game is simple. Firstly, players place their bets on as many numbers as they like. Next, they spin the wheel. And finally, they wait for the wheel to stop and see what their payout is.

Helpful Information

  • The wheel has numbers 0 to 9
  • The wheel spins clockwise
  • When the wheel stops, the winning number is highlighted; the centre of the wheel displays the multiplier
  • At the end of the spin, the player’s winning is displayed
  • Re-bet and Re-bet x2 are available
  • Payout information: if your selected number wins and the multiplier is
    • 1, you win 9x
    • 2, you win 18x
    • 3, you win 27x
    • 4, you win 36x

E.g.: If you bet $5 on the number 8, and should the spin land on 8 with the multiplier displaying 1, your payout is $45.

About WooHoo Games

Launched in December 2019, WooHoo Games is one of the newest publishers in the online casino gaming industry. The company has a penchant for slots—a genre of real money casino games online—and aims to improve players’ experience. And while they do focus on slots, they also offer a selection of table games.